Introducing the SILIFORCE 601

The thinnest force torque sensor on the planet.

Experience unmatched ease in measuring precise 6 degree of freedom force and torque with our revolutionary technology. Free from hysteresis and deformations, our sensor offer sensitivity levels 1000 times greater than traditional alternatives. With a remarkably slim profile of just 1mm (0.039 inches), they effortlessly fit into even the tightest of spaces. Ensuring accurate measurements without compromise. 

The ultimate solution for applications with small sensor space

Whether you're pushing the boundaries of robotics, enhancing virtual reality experiences, or advancing medical technology, our sensors empower your vision. Want to experience better force/torque measurements yourself?

State of the art facilities

Silicon of superior quality, produced in-house.

Our cleanroom facilities are the birthplace of innovation. Cutting edge technology available for everyone, that is our goal at Silisense.

Wide range usability
Surgical Robotics
Robotic Assembly
Quality Testing
Force Feedback
Our solutions
The world's thinnest 6 DOF force torque sensor

The SILIFORCE 601 belongs to the top of the line force/torque sensors. It offers 6 DOF in a single-chip with a thickness of less than 1 mm.

one dof force torque sensor
High bandwidth combined with high sensitivity

The SILIFORCE 101 offers 1 DOF force measurements in the smallest design possible. The high bandwidth with an excellent sensitivity makes it unique.

Try our SILIFORCE 601 first on your computer

Want to know more? Silisense offers a plug-and-play demonstrator kit for the SILIFORCE 601. Software and drivers are included on a USB stick.

Create your own design specifications

We like all force sensors, but we care most about special ones. Do you provide us the problem? Then we will provide a custom solution.

What makes us unique?


Patented Design


Ultra Thin


High Range and Accuracy


Try before you buy.

This demonstrator kit offers a SILIFORCE 601 sensor in a complete package. Start measuring today with our provided software for MATLAB and Python and easy-to-use user interface.


Who are we?

After years of research, Silisense has developed an exceptional force/torque sensor. Combining a unique thin design with the stable properties of silicon, it creates cost-efficient opportunities for new mechatronic applications. 

For every task where space for the sensor is limited, our sensors come into place. Possible applications are robotic assembly, insertions tasks, quality testing, force feedback to users and research.


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