What We Do

We are SiliSense, a force/torque sensor design and production company based in Twente, the Netherlands. We design and realize novel FT sensors for unique measurement challenges in the world. Years of expertise in mechatronics led to an innovative new approach in sensor design. Novel microfabrication methods allowed us to produce the thinnest force/torque sensor on the market today. A team of dedicated professionals have been developing new sensors for more than 7 years and are continuing the search for new breakthroughs in force/torque sensor design.

Years of expertise in mechatronics

Optimized data analysis

High precision manufacturing


Our Vision

We are academic dreamers with concrete results. We believe that combining almost ideal materials (silicon) with intelligent designs form unbeatable sensing products. Because only when all the ingredients are right, our sensors can be up for the mechatronic challenges of the future.

Silisense costists of a team of enthousiastic, dedicated people that not only make sure our products meet the highest standards, they do so with a smile on their face :-).