Six degrees of freedom, in a 1 mm thin instrument.

The SiliForce 601

The SILIFORCE 601 belongs to the top of the line force/torque sensors. It offers six degrees of freedom measurements in a single-chip with a thickness of less than 1 mm.

For every task where space for the sensor is limited, our sensors come into place. Possible applications are robotic assembly, insertions tasks, quality testing, force feedback to users and research.

Additional read-out hardware is required for this sensor, take a look at our demonstrator kit!

Thinnest Sensor on the Planet

With a thickness of 1 mm, the SILIFORCE 601 is the thinnest force/torque sensor on the market today. A sensor this thin opens the door to numerous new applications where installation space is limited.

6 Degrees of freedom

The SILIFORCE 601 measures force and torque in 6 degrees of freedom. The force can be measured in 3 perpendicular axes while the torque can be measured around those axes. 

High Range & High Accuracy

The SILIFORCE 601 offers a force range of ±60 N for normal forces and ±30 N for shear forces, with an impressive accuracy of <0.5 N. The shear torque range is ±25 Nmm with an astonishing accuracy of <0.7 Nmm.

Patented Design

Strong dedication for inventing the best solutions to our problems shaped the SILIFORCE 601. Years of research and development resulted in a patented (US/EP/WO) design. The sensor operates using 300 silicon pillars fabricated with high precision. 

Cheapest of its Kind

The SILIFORCE 601 combines its unique features with a higly competitive and attractive price . The SILIFORCE 601 is mass-producable and can be delivered as bare dies, custom-made assemblies or in a plug-and-play demonstrator kit.

Demonstrator Kit

Want to know more? Silisense offers a plug-and-play demonstrator kit for the SILIFORCE 601. The kit comes in a durable case with a completely assembled chip with USB interface. The software and drivers are included on a USB stick.

Degrees of freedom6
Force axesx, y and z
Moment axesx, y and z
Diameter10.2 mm
Thickness0.94 mm


Shear forces (x and y)
Full range±30 N
Full scale error< 1.4%
Accuracy< 0.5 N
Normal force (z) 
Full range±60 N
Shear torques (around x and y)
Full range±25 Nmm
Full scale error< 2.8%
Accuracy< 0.7 Nmm